Bespoke ornamental plaster ceiling

We are currently working on a fabulous project in a North Yorkshire home, a bespoke ceiling design made up of stars and constellations, complete with Greek lettering that will eventually incorporate fibre optic lighting. Having been given the plans by the home owners, our skilled artisan craftsman Ben, is now sculpting in order to create the star and lettering mouldings which will be taken to site as many separate parts, then fitted to the ceiling exactly to plan so as to recreate the constellations that make up this wonderful, unique design. We look forward to seeing the finished ceiling and will post photos as this exciting project progresses.


The stars & constellation ceiling design that we are working to complete.Showing our craftsman's design area, with technical drawings in progress.The rubber mould that was created and the plaster star shape it makes.Ornamental plaster, cornice specialists, bespoke work, hand crafted.A progress photo of some of the components that will make up the overall ceiling design.

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