Classical Greek Decorative Plasterwork at a North Yorkshire country home

We recently had the pleasure of working with London based interior designer, Isabella Worsley, on 2 fluted pilasters with Corinthian capitals for a North Yorkshire country home. A pilaster is a rectangular column used to give the appearance of a supporting column and to articulate the extent of a wall, with only ornamental function. These pilasters, a new addition to the house, were to replace two pillars already in place, with a classical architectural detail that would create space and be more sympathetically suited to the grand entrance hall and its new decor. The Corinthian Greek column of the third order (Ionic & Doric being the other two) characteristically has a slender fluted body with an elaborate capital decorated with two rows of acanthus leaves and four scrolls (volutes) and this is what our craftsmen had to achieve.

After we received Isabella's design ideas and brief, our craftsmen set to work creating the different components in the workshop; the basic capital was cast, along with the many acanthus leaf enrichments that were to be attached and then placed on the fluted pilaster and its plinth. All were fitted together in-situ, over the course of two days. The photos show the progress of the manufacture of this classical pilaster up to to being fitted and finished by us, but before being decorated by Hesp Jones & Co who are specialist painters and will turn this ornamental plasterwork creation into a very special and unique feature. We hope to post a finished photo of the decorated version very soon.







The two pillars to be replaced with corinthian pilasters.Corinthian pilasters showing traditional detailing.Our design illustrations of the columns.Creating an acanthus leaf to fit the capital in traditional style.The capital with fixed adornments of acanthus and volutes.Starting to build up the embellishment on the Corinthian capitalThe 5 fluted pilaster, without capital and plinth.The acanthus leaves to decorate the capitals.The capital with its elaborate detailing of acanthus leaves and scrolls.

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