Bespoke Decorative Plaster Work for Lincolns Inn London

Although most of the decorative plaster work we undertake is on a large scale in stately homes and halls, we love doing smaller bespoke projects too. Sometimes in a more modest domestic setting, we also get asked to produce bespoke, much smaller and unique pieces of work.

This particular project was commissioned by Lincolns Inn, London - one of the world's most prestigious professional bodies of judges and lawyers. We were provided with a 3 or 4 photos and images to base a commemorative plaque design around. Our craftsman Ben, who is also our in-house sculptor and modeller then set about designing the new plaque, by creating a mould for the main part of the plaque.

Then, based on a basic line drawing of Madonna and child, he hand sculpted and replicated this detailed image out of clay. It was re-cast out of resin and applied to the plaque which is now ready for painting and finishing.

Creating a one-off piece of decorative plaster work like this is a time consuming process. Everything is hand-made and this can take days of our craftsman's time, but this is a pure bespoke piece. Of course this is reflected in the price we have to charge for such projects but what we produce will be around for years to come, almost like a work of art.

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These are the ideas that Lincolns Inn wanted to base their decorative plaster work aroundThe image of Madonna and Child that will feature on the bespoke decorative plaster work that Ben designed and madeThe clay version of the plaque from which Ben makes a mould to reproduce the plaque in casting plasterThis is the mould made from the clay prototype, for casting the plaster version of the plaqueclay Madonna and Child for bespoke decorative plaster workThis is the final complete plaque design with letter and image of Madonna and Child, made from casting plaster and ready to be painted.scroll and script decorative plaster work

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