Covid-19 Precautionary measures for us working in your premises/ home.

If we are due to visit your home to complete work agreed, we require you to be aware of our and your responsibilities whilst we are on your premises.  The following is a guide to help you be ready for us. The general message is that no work should be carried out in a household which is isolating because one or more family members has symptoms or where an individual has been advised to shield - unless it is to remedy a direct risk to the safety of the household. Please do advise us if this is the case! 


We require you to prepare the area for our craftsmen to come to site, sanitising all areas that they use or work within and where possible please leave internal doors open to minimise contact with handles. We do provide our craftsmen with their own personal sanitiser to use before arrival. Again, where possible it is important you maintain good ventilation in the work environment, for example keeping windows and doors open.  

Social Distancing 

As with all situations outside of the home we require you to comply with government guidelines with regard to social distancing whilst our craftsmen are in your property. Please ensure a distance of 2m (or 1m with risk mitigation where 2m is not viable) is maintained between workers and householders, where possible. 


Please make a toilet and wash basin available to our craftsmen, preferably not used by anyone else during the period of time they are working.  They will bring food and drink with them (although access to fresh water would be good) and will take breaks outside where possible. 

Team Working  

 We will use a fixed pairing system as craftsmen sometimes have to be in close proximity. This means that the same team of two craftsmen will come to your household until the work is completed.  


We already use PPE in our work activity to protect against non-COVID-19 risks, therefore we continue to do so. You can expect our craftsmen to be wearing gloves, eye protection, overalls, safety footwear and have properly fitted respiratory protective ½ face masks where appropriate.

It is law that we Test & Trace, so if you have any positive tests of Covid-19 within two weeks of us finishing the work in your household, do let us let us know.  

Please do contact us if you have any further questions or concerns about our impending visit to your household. 



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