Lime plaster work to a remote 17th Century farmstead in the North Yorkshire Dales

Back in 2007, Cowside was a derelict 17th century farmhouse in Langstrothdale, a remote part of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Acquired by the Landmark Trust, who launched an appeal to save the historic building, it is now fully renovated and is run as a holiday cottage for those who want to really get away. It was the stonework and timber that made Cowside so special and worth saving according to the Landmark Trust and it's isolated location meant it had been untouched by modernisation  There was no mains electricity and no running water but the ambitious campaign meant that is now sympathetically decorated in traditional style and many historic original features have been saved, including wall paintings of religious text in the parlour.

There's no road to to Cowside so you can't reach it by vehicle, therefore everything must be brought to the house from the bottom of the field via a grassy track. This means our craftsmen will have a challenge on their hands - especially as the job starts in December when the weather is potentially going to be very wintry. We are doing lime plaster patching to most rooms within the house, so that is a lot of raw material and equipment that will have to be carried up to this remote location,  although fortunately we have a 4x4 vehicle that should hopefully get them up that hill.

Watch this space for a progress report. It could be interesting...

UPDATE 7th December - this job has been postponed until the Spring 2022, which should make it less challenging for our craftsmen, but you are going to have to wait for photos.

Cowside parlour with historic wall painting

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