Lime Season – exterior lime render in Brompton

Lime render shouldn't be used below temperatures of 5 °c and needs to be protected from freezing for three months. In short, there is a very limited window for getting this particular job done. Luckily, we're experts in working with lime render on historic properties.

Okay, so our summer hasn’t been much of a scorcher so far but we are still busy working on a number of exterior lime render jobs. With warmer and longer days it is the ideal season to apply exterior lime render notwithstanding the rain (not so great).

Current July temperatures are good for allowing the lime mortar to dry effectively as high air temperatures or direct sunlight force dry the mortar causing shrinkage and cracking. Certainly, the scorching hot days aren’t the best and moving into autumn, by the end of October the lime season is over.

We're currently working on a lovely farm cottage near Northallerton that had been stripped of its previous cement render. Lime has distinct advantages over cement based alternatives for external rendering of traditional properties. It is less dense and more vapour permeable than cement based materials. That means it doesn't trap water and cause dampness within the building, the leading cause of decay in old properties.

If you'd like to get exterior lime render on your walls, get in touch. We'd be delighted to help and offer a complete heritage plaster repair and restoration services.

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