Restoration and repair of decorative plasterwork in an ‘Architectural Gem’

Later next month we begin our small part in the 900k decorative plaster restoration and refurbishment of  Thornaby Town Hall. We've been asked to use our expertise to repair and restore the interior decorative plasterwork. This is the start of a process that will bring this highly cherished and iconic building back to its former glory. With support from the Heritage Lottery fund and other sources, it will be wonderful to be involved in this project that ultimately will bring the building back into the ownership of the community it was originally built for.

Dated from 1890, the Victorian Town Hall was designed by James Garry, a local architect who designed many buildings in the Hartlepool area including the Grand Hotel. It took 2 years to build and has elements of Gothic Revival that became popular after 1870. When Thornaby-on-Tees Borough Council ceased to exist in 1968 after Teeside was formed, the building fell out of use. It was later vandalised  and there it has stood for 50 years, a decaying Grade II Listed building. In November 2012, after years of wrangling, the Town Hall was sold back to Thornaby Town Council becoming a cause celebre with the local community.

Our skilled craftsmen will use heritage techniques to restore the decorative plasterwork. It will include hand repairs and making moulds of the ornamental embellishments that need replacing and casting anew. We will also carry out inspections to ensure that walls and ceilings are sound. Our team will use a 3 coat lime plaster and lath/plaster repairs where necessary. They'll draw on the time-honoured technique that is little changed from 1890. Described as a beautiful building and architectural gem by the previous mayor Syliva Walmsley, we are proud to be a part of this wonderful decorative plaster restoration. Watch this space for updates on this project.

Victorian ornate work that needs decorative plaster restorationdamaged capital and column that needs decorative plaster restorationceiling panels with plaster work still in good conditionplea from volunteers to get support for decorative plaster restoration

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