Progress of our bespoke decorative plasterwork ceiling, North Yorkshire

Our continuing progress report of the bespoke decorative plaster ceiling;

In the beautiful hills of North Yorkshire, our craftsmen are working hard fitting this compartmented ornamental ceiling, within the most magnificent setting - out of the window they have the most wonderful view. It is some weeks since we began and although a long way from finishing, we are making great progress and the ceiling is looking wonderful.

Much of the time so far has been spent in the workshop, creating moulds and manufacturing by hand, the many separate components that make up the design - over 150 parts. Designed to fit it with the property's Georgian history, this bespoke feature ceiling is Rococo in style; achieved by using marked asymmetry with naturalist motifs and ancanthus leaves.

Our craftsman Ben has created from scratch and cast, a feature based on the ornaments that adorn the gate posts at the entrance of the house. This detail now creates a dramatic centre piece surrounded by ancanthus leaves, also hand crafted by our craftsman Ben. We are thrilled with this project so far, and look forward to being able to post more photos as we progress.

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