Project update of ornamental plasterwork restoration at Thornaby Town Hall, Middlesbrough

Our latest site visit to Thornaby Town Hall earlier this month revealed the extent of progress we've made on their ornamental plasterwork restorations since May.

3 coat lime plaster has been applied to the bare walls and rib-lathed area at the curve of the ceiling. The new cornice has also been replaced and ornamental plaster is gradually being reinstated and replaced throughout the entire area.

With such a delicate area to work on, we've taken two key approaches to the restoration. In parts, we've carefully removed areas of ornamental plaster that have been well preserved. We'll creating moulds of them to cast the new components. Using the many measurements we took from the area before removing damaged wall, we can re-create detail such as strap work or arches in-situ.

Or in the case of the corbel shown in the photos below, we've taken thixotropic rubber moulds in-situ and recast with old paint still on, as the originals were too fragile to remove without breaking. Our craftsman then worked on creating better depth and definition on the newly cast corbel that was lacking definition and depth due to the old paint. From this, the new solid mould was made.

It is a fascinating but mammoth task we have undertaken with this project and it looks to continue for another couple of months. We will post further updates in a month so do watch this space as we approach completion.

Thornaby Town Hall ready for ornamental plasterwork refurbishmentnew ornamental plasterwork friezesOriginal frieze removed for casting new ornamental plasterwork piecesdifference in the work done to this ornamental plasterwork between May and Septemberoriginal ornamental plasterwork corbelWorking on ornamental plasterwork corbelMould for ornamental plasterwork

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