Thornaby Town Hall restoration project, update on plasterwork repairs

Another site visit to Grade II Listed Thornaby Town Hall this week & we were pleased to see that work on the back wall, where the cornice and ornamentation had to be removed as it was so damaged, now has been replaced with new curved timber supports and more durable stainless steel rib lath that replaces the old rotted galvanised steel.

Craftsman Jack and apprentice Joe, spent last week repairing and preparing this area of the Civic Suite ready for the next step in this massive restoration project. The old timber cornice supports have been replaced with new, ready to be lathed. Samples of all areas of plasterwork; ceiling, cornice, wall & decorative ornamentation, were sent to away for content analysis - as this is a Grade II Listed building, all materials used must be like for like or similar for a sympathetic restoration.

Once we have re-lathed and plastered the area to regain the curve of the ceiling edge, a made to match existing cornice will sit on the timber supports, the wall replastered and then the process of reapplying the ornamental plasterwork can begin.


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