Repairing decorative plasterwork within a circular glazed dome, North Yorkshire

Decorative plasterwork repairs continue into spring...

As we progress onto the next phase of the restoration works at Thornaby Town Hall, our craftsman Ben recently moved into his new man-cave high up above the ashlar circular staircase into the circular glazed dome, working from a high scaffold. Water ingress and years of neglect had caused much damage to the decorative plaster work in this area where plaster within the circular cornice had blown and the panelling in a bad state of repair.

The photos below show the various stages of work, from before work started to the our last photo which shows the re-run high cornice complete with re-cast dentil blocks, panelling feature restored and the lower cornice almost completed.

This circular glazed frosted dome allows light to illuminate the hallway and staircase - once completed it will be an elegant addition to the building and we look forward to seeing it in it's finished state. Watch this space for photos of the finished dome!



Old plaster has been stripped away revealing the old laths beneath.Our craftsman at work, preparing the area for running the cornice.More stripping out the old and damages laths reveals the timber supports that create the barrel ceiling shape.Our craftman jots down measurements enabling him to recreate the mouldings as they were, once damaged areas are removed.The new panelling feature complete with first high cornice and dentil blocks.The final and lowest cornice has been re-run in situ.

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