Ryedale’s bespoke decorative arch surrounds

We've had a blast installing bespoke decorative arch surrounds in a new build home in North Yorkshire. Generally speaking, it is in older properties that we fit new, repair or reinstate decorative plasterwork, but there is the odd exception.

We recently fitted cornice to a house built just 3 years ago in a rural spot in North Yorkshire. We fitted our Dog Tooth cornice to the entrance hall and corridors, but Catherine, Ryedale's MD, suggested that the two arches that featured at the opening of each corridor. These could be finished with decorative arch surrounds and an impost that would make them much more of a feature within the space. One of our experienced craftsman designed the feature to co-ordinate with the cornice and with the customer's approval, he set about manufacturing the separate parts in our workshop.

Now fitted, the arch surround springs elegantly from the impost. This detail now gives the space a touch of grandeur, character and finishes the entrance hall area superbly.

For any questions you may have about fitting decorative plasterwork and arch surrounds to your new build home, call us on 01609 776 462 or email to office@ryedaleplasterers.co.uk

Ryedale Plasterers team working on arch surrounds, impost and corniceimpost and arch surrounds designHow the arch looked before the Imposts were fitted.The arch before imposts were fitted.Our dog tooth cornice and ring ceiling rose

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